Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra shake hands

LIVERPOOL (Sporting Alert) — Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra have put their difference aside and shook hands ahead of the Barclays Premier League game between Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield.

Suarez and Evra have not seen eye-to-eye since the racial row, with the latter skipping the Frenchman’s outstretched hands for a shake the last time they met up.

Both managers and captains urged both players to act live grown men and put aside their problems and shake hands.

There was no problem there, as the fans gave a round of applause to the moment.

The game came on an emotional day Anfield with the hosts Liverpool playing their first game at home since the Hillsborough findings were made public.

The fierce rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United will no doubt continue on the pitch, but the moments began, and rightfully so, with the show of unity and sympathy.

“I think we have embraced the situation and made all the appeals to the fans and hope they adhere to the situation Liverpool fans find themselves in,” United manager Sir Alex Ferguson said in his pre-match interview.

“Ourselves and Liverpool are the most successful teams in England. I don’t anticipate any problems with the handshake before kick-off.

“Anyone watching today will see one of the biggest derby games in the world. Passion, intensity, it is all there. We sometimes see bad games because the pressure can get to the players.”

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