Man United to up bid for Arsenal forward Robin van Persie, says reports

LONDON (Sporting Alert) — Manchester United are set to up their bid in an attempt to land targeted striker Robin van Persie from Arsenal this week, reports say.

United have been showing interest in the Dutch forward all summer, but had a £15m bid rejected by his club last month.

However, after missing out on several of his targets this recruiting campaign, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is determined to not let Van Persie slip through his fingers.

According to The Sun, Ferguson is ready to up his bid close to the Gunners’ asking price of £15m with the hope of sealing a deal ahead of the start of this weekend’s Barclays Premier League opener.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has insisted that he wants to keep his captain, despite the forward’s announcement that he will not extend his contract pass next summer when it expires.

It is being reported that Van Persie was booed by dissatisfied Arsenal fans when he came on as a substitute during Sunday’s win over Cologne in Germany.

Reports are also claiming that he doesn’t intend to start the season with the London giants and is desperate to complete a move away as quickly as possible.

Van Persie was lethal for Arsenal last season, after scoring 37 goals in all competitions, including 30 in the Premier League, which helped his side finished third.

Meanwhile, Wenger said without or without Van Persie, his side will be in stronger position than last season, with the addition of Lukas Podolski, Olivier Giroud and Santi Cazorla, who all made their debuts in the pre-season 4-0 win over FC Cologne.

He said on Arsenal official website at “We are in a much stronger position now because last summer we lost Nasri and Fabregas, and on top of that we lost Diaby and Wilshere [to injury].

“So we lost four players at the start of last season and that is not the case this time.

“We want to [compete for honours] and we have a desire to. We are up for it and what we want is to come out of the season and know we have given our best.

“I feel we did that last year, finishing third with the start we had.

“The first target is to do as well as we can in every single game and see where we stand at the end of the season. But of course we want to fight for the championship.”

23 thoughts on “Man United to up bid for Arsenal forward Robin van Persie, says reports

  1. Am disappointed with the saga, he should have considered staying coz last season was his best he could have given himself a chance to show that he is the best, Look at Didier Drogba, he handed the first ever champions lg trophy to chelsea then he left.What about RVP, what will he hand over to us, disappointments? On the othr hand, Wenger should have considered inreasing his salary being that he has done well as captain, but if he cant stay then set'm free, let'm go.I wish'm the best.

  2. Let’s leave van persie go,and signing another quality striker to help Giroud as soon as possible so as to end this saga which keeps disturbing our brain,this season is gunners’ season,so whatever itz we must lift up trophies,gunner 4 life.

  3. Don't worry. if we have wenger, we will see another many rvp that loves the club and the real supporters.

  4. I won’t love to see RVP going to arsenal’s immediate rival Manchester UNITED. the team needs to be much stronger now instead of diluting it by selling every quality player. Arsenal fans have waited too long for trophies.Wenger should think wisely on RVP’s move.

    Arsenal forever.

  5. let rvp go if he insist that he wants to go bse we try our best without the like of fabr and nasir last season that means we can still do without that other players are there to pathern up with ox-chambalin he can do better.

  6. we ve told arsenal fans that vanpersir will not satisfy them for 2012/2013 season it would be better for them to let him go if not froblem will never end at arsenal let see

  7. We are used to our good players leave for other clubs for big monies after being made what they are by Wenger. Let Him go if he feels like going. We have bought good ones too.

  8. No mttr hw old sm’one’s child is, he/she is ’till a child, & a child dat doz not listn 2 mothrs advz will defntly end up R..E..GR..E..TING. I geuz RVP Is heading 4 regret 4 not listnig 2 his &stay @ Arsensal or move away 4rm England, RVP B WISZ.

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