Manchester United: Moyes Says Club Was Harsh

LONDON, Sporting Alert – David Moyes insists he was harshly treated by Manchester United during his short stint with the club and vowed to prove that he is a top manager, capable of managing the big clubs.

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Moyes was personally picked by Sir Alex Ferguson to succeed him at Old Trafford, but the former Everton manager failed to complete a full season with the English Premier League giants.

In fact, the Scot, who signed a six-year contract, lasted just ten months in charge of the Red Devils, with a number of reports claiming that he found the magnitude of the job a bit overwhelming.

However, Moyes claimed that he wasn’t given enough time to prove that he was good enough to manage a club the size of Manchester United, while stopping short at saying Louis van Gaal’s time at Old Trafford proved that it wasn’t easy replacing a legend like Ferguson.

“You don’t get offered those big jobs – Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United – for no reason,” Moyes, who was official announced as the new Sunderland boss was quoted as saying in several national newspapers.

“I’ve said all along I was unfairly treated there. When you sign a six-year contract and you end up with 10 months … yeah, I believe I was.

“I didn’t win enough football matches but you must say there were mitigating circumstances.

“And I think you could say there are maybe things which have gone on since then that would actually justify that even more so.

“What my time at Manchester United gave me is an unbelievable idea of what it is at the top.

“I believe that’s where I can work and that’s where I should be working, and my level is that.”

It is true that Moyes wasn’t given enough time to prove himself, but a club like Manchester United could not wait for things to happen, it had to act fast.

The 53-year-old struggled to sign targeted players in the transfer window, while his defensive tactics and reported player fall-out, became unpopular very quickly with the Old Trafford faithfuls.

Unfortunately for him, that also did not please the sponsors and the board, which resulted in the man that was stable at Everton for 11 years, losing his job with the Reds less than a full year in his new post.

Moyes also failed to mark his mark at Spanish side Real Sociedad as well and was also let go a year into the job.

He now hopes to build a better platform at his new club Sunderland, this after replacing Sam Allardyce, who left the Black Cats to become the new England national manager.

Moyes was linked with a switch to Celtic in the Scottish League, but opted to turn the post down to stay in contention of a job in England.

Two Manchester United players Marouane Fellaini, was brought to Old Trafford from Everton, but his old boss and Adnan Januzaj, are both being linked with moves to Sunderland during the summer transfer window.

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