Manchester United want to keep Nani – Fergie

MANCHESTER (Sporting Alert) — Manager Sir Alex Ferguson has signal his intentions to keep winger Nani at Manchester United, but stating that the English Premier League leaders want to keep the Portuguese.

Nani’s future at Manchester United has been in doubt since the start of the season and purchase of Wilfiried Zaha was a sure sign his time at Old Trafford was almost over.

However, Ferguson has admitted that the club wants to keep Nani, whose contract expires at the end of next season, and revealed that talks are ongoing with the player’s agent to secure a new deal.

“We want to keep him, there’s no doubt about that,” Ferguson said on Manchester United official website at

“He’s capable of scoring incredible goals. His goal against Everton, when he dinked the keeper after playing a couple of one-twos, was incredible.

“And the goal against Tottenham the year before, where he dinked the goalkeeper after playing a one-two, was another one.

“The boy has an incredible talent for winning matches. He’s one of the best match-winners in the game, and I include the whole of Europe in that.”

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