LONDON (Sporting Alert) — Former World and Olympic champion Maurice Greene has admitted that he was proven wrong by Usain Bolt in the men’s 100 metres at the London Olympic Games on Sunday.


Greene, after seeing Bolt losing twice to his fellow countryman and training partner Yohan Blake at the Jamaica Championships in June, picked the world champion dethroned the world record holder in London, but his predictions was well off.

Greene, who captured gold at the 2000 Olympic Games in Australia, said Bolt was struggling with technical issues which made him vulnerable and his dominance from four-years-ago wouldn’t carry over.

“Blake is going to win,” he recalled.

“If Usain was running like he was in Beijing, he would win hands down,” the American added. “But he is not running like that.”

He added: “Those problems…bring everybody closer to him, which makes him susceptible to losing.”

Well, on Sunday there was no one close to Bolt, who flashed home to victory in a new Olympic Games record of 9.63 seconds, removing the old mark and then world record of 9.68, set in Beijing in 2008.

That performance, which was the second fastest on the all-time list, behind his own world record of 9.58, had Greene, a former world record holder himself, admitting that he was wrong.

“He’s been having problems with the beginning part of his races and that’s why I thought he was going to lose,” Greene said during his television interview on Inside Edge.

He added: “After the semi-finals he fixed the problem and I said then, there’s going to be fireworks tonight.”


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  1. Anonymous

    After the semi finals? Or on seeing him run in the semi finals?

  2. Norman Williams

    Mo too lie! Egg in his face. BOLT IS BOLT! Never forget that.

  3. I.e. Brown

    Greene was hoping that Usain would be a one hit wonder, he's seeing his legacy diminished in the shadow of Bolt's achievements. He was routing for some one to stop Bolt becoming 2 time Olympic champ. Like them Yanky youths say 'he's a big time hater'. Usain Bolt, supreme Jamaican / Caribbean talent.

  4. Sindiso Ncube

    mmmmmhhhh? greene you hated on bolt…….Period! That one is special He is like Messi you are like fabregas.

  5. Anonymous

    I don't see anybody who is as foolish as carl lewis. He didn't win the olympic gold the second time just by the virtue of him being promoted at the expense of ben johnson. He is being caught as well doping. show respect for BOLT he's surpassed your record.

  6. I.e. Brown

    ..and the story there really is that in 1988 Lewis had been banned by the U.S. Olympic Committee for stimulants found in three samples. He was given a warning and allowed to compete. Gatlin, Montgonery and Lewis (drugs), Griffith-Joyner, Marion Jones (drugs) all Team U.S. Criminals have the most suspicious minds. Lewis can't fathom that an island with 100th the population of 'God Blesssed' America is killing them in their most prized events, the mens 100, 200 and 1X400. Big up Glen Mills, the architect!!

  7. Grreen's a big time hater along with Carl Lewis they both wanted Bolt to loose so badly because the Americans couldn't do it they hoped Bolt wouldn't outshine them. Bolt is the best sprinter to ever walk this earth period!

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