Miami Heat look to dump New York Knicks at the Garden

NEW YORK (Sporting Alert) — Amare Stoudemire has returned and is in the starting line for the New York Knicks in their must win Game 4 first round series clash against Miami on Sunday.

Live TV: ABC at 3:30

Stoudemire was forced to sit out for Knicks after he cut his hand punching a fire extinguisher case after Monday’s Game 2 defeat in Miami.

He was forced to do surgery to repair a muscle and was heavily criticized by several pundits, who also believed that the combination of him and Carmelo Anthony is not quiet working out at the moment.

There were suggestions that the powerful forward would have returned, but was expected to start on the bench.

However, Knicks interim coach Mike Woodson confirmed that Stoudemire will not only play in Sunday’s game with padding covering his hand, but he will also start.

New York Knicks v Miami Heat Stats

Point Leaders
Lebron James – (MIA) – 27.1
Carmelo Anthony – (NY) – 22.6
Dwyane Wade – (MIA) – 22.1
Chris Bosh – (MIA) – 18.0
Assist Leaders
Lebron James – (MIA) – 6.2
Jeremy Lin – (NY) – 6.1
Baron Davis – (NY) – 4.7
Dwyane Wade – (MIA) – 4.6
Rebound Leaders
Tyson Chandler – (NY) – 9.9
Lebron James – (MIA) – 7.9
Chris Bosh – (MIA) – 7.9
Amare Stoudemire – (NY) – 7.8

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