Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder: Starters, Live on ABC

MIAMI (Sporting Alert) — The following is the listing list for the NBA game between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder here on Christmas Day.

The match, which is the third of five today will be a repeat of last season’s championship game.

Starting the Miami Heat at the American Airlines Arena here on Tuesday are Dwyane Wade, who will play the shooting guard and LeBron James, who plays one of the forward positions.

Mario Chalmers, Udonis Haslem and Chris Bosh, who was out sick earlier this week all start as well.

Like it was in the final, this again is expected to be a very exciting game.

Setup for a LeBron James vsย Kevin Durant clash?

Let’s wait and see, but no one will beat against this.

The game is live on ABC starting at 5:30 ET.
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Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder Starters

Miami Heat
Dwyane Wade – G, Mario Chalmers – G, LeBron James – F, Udonis Haslem – F, Chris Bosh – C

Oklahoma City Thunder
Thabo Sefolosha – G, Russell Westbrook – G, Kevin Durant – F, Serge Ibaka – F, Kendrick Perkins – C

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