Michigan suspends analyst amid sign-stealing investigation

No. 2 Michigan suspended football analyst Connor Stalions with pay on Friday as the NCAA investigates alleged rule violations relating to sign-stealing.

Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel confirmed the suspension in a statement to multiple outlets. Stalions had been identified as a person of interest in the NCAA’s investigation into whether the Wolverines broke a rule by scouting future opponents.

Scouting opponents is not illegal in the eyes of the NCAA, albeit with one major exception. NCAA Bylaw 11.6.1 reads as follows: “Off-campus, in-person scouting of future opponents (in the same season) is prohibited.”

Michigan and the Big Ten were both notified of the NCAA’s probe on Wednesday. Michigan’s remaining opponents this season were also notified, including Saturday’s foe, Michigan State.

Multiple reports said the Wolverines used a scouting system to steal and decipher future opponents’ signals from the sideline to the offense on the field.

Michigan coach John Harbaugh denied having knowledge of his program illegally stealing signs and said he doesn’t “condone or tolerate anyone doing anything illegal or against NCAA rules.”

–Field Level Media