Barcelona have seven players in the Spanish national setup at the Euro 2012, but Mourinho says his Real Madrid members contribute heavily to the squad’s success.

(Sporting Alert) — Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho has blasted suggestions which claimed that  Spain and Barcelona are one.

Vicente del Bosque’s national squad and the La Liga giants do play with the identical flair, slick passing and ball possession tactic, but Mourinho feels it is unfair, especially to his Real Madrid players in the national setup, to claim that “Spain are Barcelona.”

The likes of goalkeeper Iker Casillas, defender Sergio Ramos and midfielder Xabi Alonso are amongst the Madrid players in the squad.

“They talk about the national team and Barcelona but there are also five players from Real Madrid,” Mourinho told Marca.

“I don’t understand why they mix them because they are two distinct things. Spain isn’t Barcelona.

Barcelona were the champions of Spain. And I repeat, were the champions because now they are not.”

Meanwhile, the former Chelsea boss believes that Spain and Germany will be the teams to beat at the Euro.

Spain are the world champions and there is no doubt in this,” said Mourinho.

“They are one of the best teams in Europe and, if everything goes normally, Spain has to qualify, advance and compete, possibly with Germany and a couple of other teams, to be the champions of Europe.”


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