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NBA Score: Rivers made winning Boston return with Clippers – Dec. 11 Scores

NEW YORK (Sporting Alert) — The following are NBA scores from the list of games that took place on Wednesday night. Also here are the updated records and NBA standings following those contests.

Among the teams that scored NBA wins on the night were the Los Angeles Clippers, San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder, while in the only overtime NBA score, the New Orleans Pelicans (10-10) improved to .500 with a 111-106 victory over the Detroit Pistons.

The night saw former Celtic coach Doc Rivers making a winning return to Boston, after his Clippers team picked up a 96-88 victory over his former club.

San Antonio Spurs hammered the Milwaukee Bucks, 109-77 for their 17th win of the season, while the Oklahoma City Thunder also recorded their 17th victory of the season, following a 116-100 positive result over the Memphis Grizzlies.

In another notable NBA score Wednesday night, the struggling New York Knicks (6-15) and Carmelo Anthony held off the Chicago Bulls (8-12), 83-78.

NBA Scores on December 11

San Antonio Spurs 109 (17-4), Milwaukee Bucks 77 (5-17)
Oklahoma City Thunder 116 (17-4), Memphis Grizzlies 100 (10-11)
Los Angeles Clippers 96 (15-8), Boston Celtics 88 (10-14)
Golden State Warriors 95 (13-10) – Dallas Mavericks 93 (13-10)
Minnesota Timberwolves 106 (11-11), Philadelphia 76ers 99 (7-16)
New Orleans Pelicans 111 (10-10), Detroit Pistons 106 (10-13) Overtime
Orlando Magic 92 (7-15), Charlotte Bobcats 83 (10-12)
New York Knicks 83 (6-15), Chicago Bulls 78 (8-12)
Utah Jazz 122 (5-19) – Sacramento Kings 101 (6-14)

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