NBA Scores and Standings on Dec. 9

(Sporting Alert) -- The Los Angeles Clippers and the Portland Trail Blazers were among the winners in the NBA schedule on Monday night. Here are the NBA scores and NBA standings after the games on Dec. 9.

NBA 2013-14 Conference Standings

After losing 88-82 to the Cleveland Cavaliers and being called out by head coach Doc Rivers at the weekend, the LA Clippers (14-8) rebounded with a 94-83 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers (7-15) at Wells Fargo Center Monday night.

"We've just got to keep grinding and can't worry about anything," Rivers said after his team battled out the victory.

On form team Portland Trail Blazers (18-4) completed a 105-94 victory over the Utah Jazz (4-19), with LaMarcus Aldridge leading the way with 24 points and six rebounds.

Alec Burks scored 20 points off the bench for the Jazz, which dropped its fourth successive game.

In other NBA scores on Monday night, the Denver Nuggets (13-8) edged the Washington Wizards (9-11) 75-74, after Kenneth Faried scored the go ahead bucket with 0:32 seconds remaining.

Elsewhere in the league, the Sacramento Kings (6-13), defeated the Dallas Mavericks (13-9) 112-97, while the Memphis Grizzlies (10-10) beat the Orlando Magic (6-15) 94-85.

NBA 2013-14 Conference Standings

NBA Scores, Results and Records on Dec. 9

Portland Trail Blazers (18-4) 105, Utah Jazz (4-19) 94
Los Angeles Clippers (14-8) 94, Philadelphia 76ers (7-15) 83
Denver Nuggets (13-8) 75, Washington Wizards (9-11) 74
Charlotte Bobcats (10-11) 115, Golden State Warriors (12-10) 111
Memphis Grizzlies (10-10) 94, Orlando Magic (6-15) 85
Sacramento Kings (6-13) 112, Dallas Mavericks (13-9) 97

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