NCAA Baseball Regionals On ESPN3: June 5

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Florida Gators Baseball Regionals.

Sporting Alert – The schedule for Sunday’s set of games in the 2016 NCAA DI Baseball Regionals, as the “Road To Omaha” continues.

Early action gets underway on ESPN3 at 11 a.m. with No. 1 Virginia taking on No. 4 William & Mary at the Charlottesville Regionals, with the winner facing No. 3 East Carolina later at 3 p.m.

Another top seed, Clemson, heads into its battle with No. 4 Western Carolina, live on ESPN3 at Noon, needing to bounce back from a defeat on Saturday, with the second seeded Oklahoma State, which beat the Tigers in the last fixture, awaits the winner.

There is a loaded schedule is set for the Baton Rouge Regionals, where rain has been affecting the fixtures. Still a lot to play for with Southeastern Louisiana, LSU, Rice and Utah Valley the teams still in action.

At the Gainesville Regionals, No. 1 NCAA overall seed Florida awaits the winner of the Noon matchup between Georgia Tech and Connecticut.

In other fixtures No. 2 seed Dallas Baptist will hope to setup a clash with No. 1 Texas Tech at the Louisville Regionals with a win over No. 3 New Mexico at Dan Law Field at Rip Griffin Park.

NCAA Baseball Regionals Fixtures
Sunday June 5 | Follow Live on As Well

Gainesville Regionals
Noon on ESPN3: No. 2 Georgia Tech vs. No. 3 Connecticut
6 p.m. on ESPN3: *No. 1 Florida vs. Georgia Tech-Connecticut winner

Coral Gables Regionals
1 p.m. on ESPN3: No. 2 Florida Atlantic vs. No. 3 Long Beach State
7 p.m. on ESPN3: *No. 1 Miami vs. Florida Atlantic-Long Beach State winner

Baton Rouge Regionals
Noon on ESPN3: No. 3 Southeastern Louisiana (39-19) vs. No. 2 Rice (35-22)
TBA: No. 4 Utah Valley vs. Southeastern Louisiana-Rice loser
TBA: *No. 1 LSU vs. Southeastern Louisiana-Rice winner

Charlottesville Regionals
11 a.m. on ESPN3: No. 4 William & Mary vs. No. 1 Virginia
3 p.m. on ESPN3: No. 3 East Carolina vs. William & Mary-Virginia winner

Clemson Regionals
Noon on ESPN3: *No. 1 Clemson vs. No. 4 Western Carolina
7 p.m. on ESPN3: No. 2 Oklahoma State vs. Clemson-Western Carolina winner

College Station Regionals
4 p.m. on ESPN3: No. 2 Minnesota vs. No. 3 Wake Forest
9 p.m. on ESPN3: *No. 1 Texas A&M vs. Minnesota-Wake Forest winner

Fort Worth Regionals
3 p.m. on ESPN3: No. 2 Arizona State vs. No. 3 Gonzaga
7:30 p.m. on ESPN3: No. 1 TCU vs. Arizona State-Gonzaga winner

Columbia Regionals
Founders Park
Noon on ESPN3: No. 1 South Carolina vs. No. 4 Rhode Island
6 p.m. on ESPN3: No. 2 UNCW vs. South Carolina-Rhode Island winner

Lafayette Regionals
2 p.m. on ESPN3: No. 2 Arizona vs. No. 1 Louisiana Lafayette
8 p.m. on ESPN3: No. 3 Sam Houston State vs. Arizona-Louisiana Lafayette loser

Louisville Regionals
3 p.m. on ESPN3: No. 2 Dallas Baptist vs. No. 3 New Mexico
7 p.m. on ESPN3: *No. 1 Texas Tech vs. Dallas Baptist-New Mexico winner

Nashville Regionals
3 p.m. on ESPN3: No. 2 UC Santa Barbara vs. No. 4 Xavier
9 p.m. on ESPN3: No. 3 Washington vs. UC Santa Barbara-Xavier winner

Raleigh Regionals
2:30 on ESPN3: No. 2 Cal State Fullerton vs. No. 3 Louisiana Tech
7 p.m. on ESPN3: *No. 1 Mississippi State vs. Cal State Fullerton-Louisiana Tech winner

Tallahassee Regionals
Noon on ESPN3: No. 3 South Alabama vs. No. 2 Southern Miss
6 p.m. on ESPN3: No. 1 Florida State vs. South Alabama-Southern Miss winner

Oxford Regionals
2 p.m. on ESPN3: No. 4 Utah vs. No. 2 Tulane
6 p.m. on ESPN3: Utah-Tulane winner vs. No. 3 Boston College

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