NCAA College Football Playoff Controversy

MIAMI (SportingAlert) — As the college football approaches, many are wondering what would happen to the rankings without the BCS system.

Will the new College Football Playoff solve the controversy? Will it satisfy the eyes of the public?

For years, the college football fans have looked for an alternative of the BCS system that created controversies. Admittedly, the system was flawed and biased that an undefeated team, Auburn in 2004, would not have a chance to battle for the National Championship game.

The BCS system even produced two champions, the LSU and USC in 2003.

Well, how about two SEC teams playing against each other in the National Championship game, LSU and Alabama? There’s deeper cry for a new system from the fans and the people who followed and loved the sports to have a better system.

Now that the BCS system is at the rear mirror, the College Football Playoff system is here. Instead of selecting directly the two teams to play in the National Championship Game, the top four teams in the nation will have a playoff, in which the No.1 team faces the No. 4 team and the No. 2 team meets the No. 3 team.

The winners will play in the biggest game of college football.

As the we forget the past and look ahead for the new system, people may ask, “Will The College Football Playoff Solve The Controversy?”

In scrutinizing the College Football Playoff, a major problem would arise about selecting the top four teams without prejudice. Given that there’s the committee that has given the power to select the top four teams.

However, the problem lies on how the process of selection will be. How the selection committee, consists of 13 members, will come up with the right teams?

One of the biggest factors in ranking is the “strength of the schedule”. It is disturbing to note that the “strength of the schedule” determines the ranking of a team.

Some of the contenders have to play more FCS teams, while the other teams have to play more against their conference. How in the world the College Football playoff makes everybody happy?

There are five major conferences in the college football namely: Pac 12, Big 12, Big Ten, ACC and SEC. The strength of the schedule is hard to determine when each of the team has different opponents to play. Here comes another controversy to happen.

Unlike in college basketball, NBA, and even the MLB, more teams are in the postseason and all these teams entered into the playoff not because of any human and interacting factors. The playoff rules are clear to make sure that all teams have given the chance to compete.

In the College Football Playoff, not even the conference champion is assured of a slot in the playoff, for there will be four teams selected, in contrast, there are five conferences.

Though controversies are expected to fill the air in the new playoff system, it is a thousand times better than the BCS system. At least four teams will be in the playoff, two will advance to the National Championship Game.

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