NCAA says tournament expansion ‘not imminent’


A proposal to expand the size of the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament is still being evaluated.

Dan Gavitt, NCAA senior vice president of basketball, confirmed Thursday that no changes are imminent.

“The committee must be good stewards for the Division I Men’s Basketball Championship,” he said. “They are committed to doing their due diligence looking at a few different models to make an informed decision that’s in the best interests of the championship, and that may very well include deciding against expansion.”

The NCAA transformation committee released a report in January recommending an expansion of the tourney field from its current 68 to as many as 90 teams.

“The committee and staff will continue studying options and gathering feedback from various constituents,” Gavitt said. “Whether the tournament expands or not remains to be seen.”

The men’s tournament expanded from 48 to 64 teams in 1985 before growing to 65 in 2001 and 68 in 2011.

Gavitt’s remarks came during this week’s meeting of the Division I men’s basketball committee.

–Field Level Media

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