NCAAF Games For Saturday, Sep 1

(Sporting Alert) — College football return to action on Saturday with a full set of fixtures for the fans to enjoy once again.

Several Live Action Will Be On

Following the busy summer and early fall preparations, several teams, including defending champions Alabama and last year’s runners up LSU, will all look to taste some competitive action, with the hope of opening with a victory.

Defending champs Alabama, which start the season as the No. 2 ranked program, take on No. 8 Michigan and Crimson Tide safety Robert Lester is expecting a tough game at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

“The SEC is such a dominant conference, and I guess just to get any credibility points, you have to go and beat a credible SEC team. They’re just trying to prove themselves,” he was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, Les Miles and his LSU group will take on North Texas and the Tigers, which have been through quite a bit in the past believes they are strong enough to fend off any further problems.

Some of this involves former Heisman Trophy candidate Tyrann Mathieu, who was dismissed three weeks ago.

“Through crisis or through any adversity, we’re going to get closer,” said offensive lineman Josh Dworaczyk.

“You have to take those things and spin into a way that you turn it into a positive for this team to grow together.

“If you lose a guy or there’s a void that has to be filled, guess what? You have to tighten things down a little bit.

“We get better from that. We use it to our advantage. That’s something we’ve done in the past and something we’ll continue to do.”

No. 1 ranked Southern California are expected to have things their way against Hawaii.

NCAAF Games For Saturday, Sep 1

Miami (OH)
18 Ohio St
12:00pm ET

11 W Virginia
12:00pm ET

6 Georgia
12:21pm ET

Sthrn Miss
17 Nebraska
3:30pm ET

N Iowa
12 Wisconsin
3:30pm ET

Bowling Grn
23 Florida
3:30pm ET

Murray St
7 Florida St
6:00pm ET

Savannah St
19 Oklahoma State
7:00pm ET

J’ville St
10 Arkansas
7:00pm ET

14 Clemson
7:00pm ET

N Texas
7:00pm ET

Missouri St.
22 Kansas St
7:10pm ET

7:30pm ET

8 Michigan
2 Alabama
8:00pm ET

15 Texas
8:00pm ET

4 Oklahoma
10:30pm ET

Arkansas St
5 Oregon

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