NFL AFC division favourites for coming season

Peyton Manning
Quarterback Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos.

(SportingAlert) — Will Peyton Manning and Tom Brady relinquish their posts to let others overshadow them in the 2014 NFL season? In the AFC, quarterback is still the face of the team.

There’s Manning, Brady and Ben Roethlisberger, who among themselves have been in the 11 Super Bowls in the last 13 years.

Never count out Joe Flacco, 2012 Super Bowl winner, of the Baltimore Ravens who is determined to bring his team back.

Let’s look at the AFC teams most likely to win in each of the division.

AFC North

Will Johnny Manziel change the landscape of the AFC North? While Manziel may be part of the upcoming success of the Cleveland Browns, he will not alter the fact that the Browns are not contenders to win even the division.

There are three teams that will fight for the AFC North, which are the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the 2012 Super Bowl champions Baltimore Ravens.

Pittsburgh Steelers 2013 record of 8-8 was not ideal at all. The tradition of the Steelers to be back in the playoff cannot be neglected this time. The Steelers will win the division because of the hungry factor, which will dictate everything they do.

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is back in his form and he spent much time with his receivers like Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant to get into the details of the routes.

Of course, there’s the challenge from the Ravens who had a record of 8-8, missing the playoff since 2007. Quarterback Flacco would be more accurate in his passing, losing his touches after signing a big contract.

Well, in talking about big contract, Andy Dalton just got a six-year deal with the Browns worth $115 million. Dalton’s shoulders must be heavier this season because of the contract baggage.

AFC South

Who will post a threat against the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC South? Houston Texans might be back in a playoff form with a healthy running back Arian Foster. However, the problem for the Texans will always be on the quarterback. Who will be the starting quarterback of the Texans? How long he will last?

The Tennessee Titans and the Jacksonville Jaguars do not have the sustainable roster to make into the playoff. Yes, the AFC South belongs to the Colts because they have the quarterback to win games. Andrew Luck can determine the success of the Colts. He is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

AFC East

This is one of the most thrilling divisions in the NFL. Dominated by the New England Patriots in the last 12 years, the AFC East will have real battles in 2014.

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