NFL LIVE: New York Giants open against Dallas Cowboys

(Sporting Alert) — The 2012 NFL regular season starts on Wednesday night with New York Giants taking on the Dallas Cowboys in a match up of last season NFC East title clash at MetLife Stadium.

The Game Will Be Live on ABC @ 8:30 ET

The Giants, last season, became the first team which finished its regular season at 9-7 and then win the Super Bowl and many believe that the current group is good enough to take another stab at repeating.

However, coach Tom Coughlin is already distancing his team from such comments, saying that the focus is not on defending the title.

“This is not that team,” Coughlin said. “This is the 2012 team and we’ve been handed a new set of issues and problems as you followed us and we’re in the process of trying to solve them.”

It is certainly a fitting way to kick off the season and the Cowboys are again looking forward to bring the same intensity over this season.

“We played two hard-fought games with them but those games are over,” coach Jason Garrett said. “We’re focusing on our team and the challenge we have with them on Wednesday night.”

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