TEXAS, Sporting Alert – New England Patriots stayed No. 1, in the ESPN 2015 NFL Power Rankings, but there were upward movements for the Dolphins, Eagles and Saints in Week 7 of the on Tuesday, Oct. 20.

The 5-0 Patriots, despite being pushed in Week 6 by the Indianapolis Colts, still look like a complete unit and with Tom Brady heading up things on offense, it is difficult to look beyond them as the top ranked team.

The defending champions, who sit atop of the AFC East Standings, are averaging 36.6 points per game, the highest in the league at the moment, while allowing 20.6 per contest – 10th in the NFL this season.

The Patriots, who are passing for 325.2 yards per game thus far, have scored a whopping 183 points in total on the term.

Brady has thrown for 1699 yards and 14 touchdowns thus far.

Green Bay Packers remained No. 2 in this week’s NFL Power Rankings heading into its bye week. The Packers, who are 6-0, are ranked in the top 10 in five categories this season – Rushing Yards, 127.3 – 5th, Points For 27.3 – 5th and Points Against, 16.8, 3rd.

However, following the bye week Aaron Rodgers and his group will be strongly tested, as they will face-up against fellow undefeated sides the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers in back-to-back road games.

Aaron Rodgers, who has an 80.8 QBR, has passed for 1491 yards and 15 touchdowns thus far.

Rounding out the top five are the Broncos, who moved up one spot to No. 3, the Arizona Cardinals at No. 4 – up two places, while the impressive Cincinnati Bengals stay at No. 5.

The Bengals are passing for 288.2 yards per game and scoring 30.3 PPG, are being strongly led by quarterback Andy Dalton, who has an 84.2 QBR and has passed for 1761 yards and 14 TDs.

Meanwhile, the biggest movers in the NFL Power Rankings this week were the Miami Dolphins, who are up eight-places to No. 21, after the 38-10 victory over the Tennessee Titans this past weekend.

This is the Dolphins’ highest rankings since Week 2.

It wasn’t so pretty though for the Kansas City Chiefs, who looked out-of-place on offense without star man Jamaal Charles, who is done for the season because of injury.

The Chiefs (1-5) slipped to its five successive defeat this season on Sunday, after going down 16-10 to the Minnesota Vikings – while finishing with a season-low 57 rushing yards.

Kansas City fell 10 spots to No. 29.

Expect Andy Reid men to keep dipping as well.

ESPN 2015 NFL Power Rankings

1 Patriots (5-0)
2 Packers (6-0)
3 Broncos (6-0)
4 Cardinals (4-2)
5 Bengals (6-0)
6 Panthers (5-0)
7 Falcons (5-1)
8 Jets (4-1)
9 Eagles (3-3)
10 Steelers (4-2)
11 Colts (3-3)
12 Seahawks (2-4)
13 Chargers (2-4)
14 Giants (3-3)
15 Vikings (3-2)
16 Cowboys (2-3)
17 Bills (3-3)
18 Rams (2-3)
19 49ers (2-4)
20 Saints (2-4)
21 Dolphins (2-3)
22 Redskins (2-4)
23 Raiders (2-3)
24 Lions (1-5)
25 Bears (2-4)
26 Texans (2-4)
27 Browns (2-4)
28 Ravens (1-5)
29 Chiefs (1-5)
30 Titans (1-4)
31 Buccaneers (2-3)
32 Jaguars (1-5)

Complete NFL Power Rankings


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    20 Oct computer comparison of SEASON records: 1. New England, 2. Cincinnati, 3. Green Bay, 4. NY Jets, 5. Atlanta. The 32 team rankings fit visibly to records (W, L, PF, PA) AND schedules like pieces of a puzzle:

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