NFL Scores, Records and Box Scores In Week 1 – Sept. 8

MIAMI, Fla. (Sporting Alert) — The following are the scores, records and box scores after Week 1 fixtures in the NFL on Monday night (Sept. 8).

Among the teams picking a victory on Week 1 were the Seattle Seahawks, who opened the season with a 36-16 win over the Green Bay Packers, the Denver Broncos, who held off the battling Indianapolis Colts 31-24, while an impressive Philadelphia Eagles rallied from a 0-17 deficit to score a 34-17 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Also scoring impressive wins on Week 1 were the Detroit Lions, following their 35-14 positive result over the New York Giants on Monday Night Football, the Miami Dolphins, which rallied to a 33-20 win past the New England Patriots and the Minnesota Vikings, who hammered the St. Louis Rams 34-6.

Elsewhere, Matt Ryan set a team record with 448 yards in the Atlanta Falcons’ 37-34 overtime victory over the New Orleans Saints, while Carson Palmer finished with 304 yards on 24 for 37 completed passes and two touchdowns in the  Arizona Cardinals’ narrow 18-17 victory over the tip San Diego Chargers in the second of the double-header in Monday Night Football.

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Detroit Lions 35 (1-0) – New York Giants 14 (0-1)

Arizona Cardinals 18 (1-0) – San Diego Chargers 17 (0-1)

Miami Dolphins 33 (1-0) – New England Patriots 20 (0-1)

Carolina Panthers 20 (1-0) – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14 (0-1)

Houston Texans 17 (1-0) – Washington Redskins 6 (0-1)

Tennessee Titans 26 (1-0) – Kansas City Chiefs 10 (0-1)

Cincinnati Bengals 23 (1-0) – Baltimore Ravens 16 (0-1)

Buffalo Bills 23 (1-0) – Chicago Bears 20 (0-1) – OT

New York Jets 19 (1-0) – Oakland Raiders 14 (0-1)

Philadelphia Eagles 34 (1-0) – Jacksonville Jaguars 17 (0-1)

Minnesota Vikings 34 (1-0) – St. Louis Rams 6 (0-1)

Pittsburgh Steelers 30 (1-0) – Cleveland Browns 27 (0-1)

Atlanta Falcons 37 (1-0) – New Orleans Saints 34 (0-1) – OT

Denver Broncos 31 (1-0) – Indianapolis Colts 24 (0-1)

Seattle Seahawks 36 (1-0) – Green Bay Packers 16 (0-1)


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