NFL scores, results and record on Week 5

MIAMI, FL (Sporting Alert) — The following are the NFL scores, results and records on Week 5 after the games that took place on Sunday.

Week 5 action saw the Jacksonville Jaguars (0-5) staying winless after five games, following a 17-9 defeat to the Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2).

There were also wins for Philadelphia Eagles (4-1), who bounced back from their Week 4 defeat with a 34-28 victory over the St. Louis Rams (1-3) and the San Diego Chargers, which improved to 4-1 on the season by blanking the New York Jets (1-4) by a score of 31-0.

On the individual side, there were career milestones for veteran quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Manning achieved his 500th career touchdown pass in the Denver Broncos‘ 41-20 victory over the previously undefeated Arizona Cardinals.

Manning, who threw for a career-high 479 yards and a total of four touchdowns in the game, now moves to 503 career touchdown passes, which is five less than Brett Favre’s record of 508.

“Throwing touchdowns is a part of playing football,” Manning told reporters afterward. “But I guess for me, throwing touchdowns has helped teams I’ve been a part of win a lot of football games.

“I don’t think I’ve thrown a lot of touchdowns that didn’t mean something. Any time you have a big lead, all the years I played in Indianapolis, the coaches would always take us out, and if we were getting bad they’d take us out.

“So any ones that I’ve thrown usually resulted in our team trying to win the game or win the game, so I think about it that way.”

Brady meanwhile, became the sixth NFL quarterback to get to 50,000 career passing yards, during the New England Patriots’ (3-2) 43-17 win over the Cincinnati Bengals (3-1)

He achieved the milestone in his 198th game and now joins Favre, Manning, Dan Marino, Drew Brees and John Elway on the list.


New England Patriots 43 (3-2) beat. Cincinnati Bengals 17 (3-1)
Carolina Panthers 31 (3-2) beat. Chicago Bears 24 (2-3)
Cleveland Browns 29 (2-2) beat. Tennessee Titans 28 (1-4)
Philadelphia Eagles 34 (4-1) beat. St. Louis Rams 28 (1-3)
New York Giants 30 (3-2) beat. Atlanta Falcons 20 (2-3)
New Orleans Saints 37 (2-3) beat. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31 (1-4) in Overtime
Dallas Cowboys 20 (4-1) beat. Houston Texans 17 (3-2) in Overtime
Buffalo Bills 17 (3-2) beat. Detroit Lions 14 (3-2)
Indianapolis Colts 20 (3-2) beat. Baltimore Ravens 13 (3-2)
Pittsburgh Steelers 17 (3-2) beat. Jacksonville Jaguars 9 (0-5)
Denver Broncos 41 (3-1) beat. Arizona Cardinals 20 (3-1)
San Francisco 49ers 22 (3-2) beat. Kansas City Chiefs 17 (2-3)
San Diego Chargers 31 (4-1) beat. New York Jets 0 (1-4)

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