OKLAHOMA CITY (Sporting Alert) — The Oklahoma City Thunder have been picked to beat defending champions Dallas Mavericks in five games by many pundits, but if Saturday’s clash is anything of what’s to come, then the series will be closer than expected.

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Kevin Durant nailed a late bucket to lift the Thunder past the Mavericks in the 99-98 victory, a game Dallas looked to have had in the bag.

Russell Westbrook finished with 28 points in the game and Durant added 25 points in the win.

Dallas was broken at the end, but the team still believe it can win one on the road and even up the series come Monday night.

In the opener, Dirk Nowitzki hit some late shots, but finished with a losing effort of 25 points.

He was supported by Jason Terry, who had 20, Shawn Marion, who added 20 points and eight boards and Vince Carter, who ended with 13 points and seven rebounds.


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