MIAMI, USA, Sporting Alert – The following is the opening day schedule of events at the 2016 Olympic Games, which gets under way in Rio de Janeiro on August 3.

Rio 2016, which is expected to be one of the most watched Olympic Games ever, will begin two days before the opening ceremony with men’s Gymnastics and women’s Soccer.

Team USA will start its search for its fourth straight Olympic gold medal in women’s soccer against New Zealand in Group G action, starting at 6:00 pm on Wednesday.

Host nation Brazil and tricky midfield playmaker Martha, begin their Olympic campaign in front of the home fans in Group E against China at 3:00 pm.

Before those games, however, at 12:00 pm, in Group E, Sweden will take on South Africa in the opening match at the Rio 2016 Games.

Meanwhile, Gymnastics coverage will get under way at 9:30 am, before picking up again at 1:30 pm.

Once again, the Games will be well covered, as the networks and streaming platforms of NBCUniversal will provide over 6,000 hours of coverage from Brazil.

Below is the live television and online streaming schedule for Day 1 in Rio de Janeiro.

The XXXI Olympiad From Rio de Janeiro
Day 1 Schedule
Wednesday, August 3, 2016
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9:30 am
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Gymnastics A.M. session
Men’s podium training: Subdivision 1
Mixed Group 3 (Greece/2, Canada, Cuba/2, Republic of South Africa, Monaco), Japan, Brazil, South Korea, Mixed Group 6 (Lithuania, Belgium, Belarus, Chile, Colombia, Turkey, Israel) and the Netherlands

12:00 pm
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Women’s Group E: Sweden vs. South Africa

1:30 pm
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Gymnastics P.M. session
Men’s podium training: Subdivision 2
Great Britain, France, Mixed Group 5 (Hungary, Vietnam, People’s Republic of Korea, Italy), USA, Mixed Group 4 (Norway, Azerbaijan, Chinese Taipei, Armenia, New Zealand), and Germany

2:00 pm
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Women’s Soccer Group F: Canada vs. Australia

3:00 pm
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Women’s Soccer Group E: Brazil vs. China
Marta and Brazil begin their Olympic campaign against China

5:00 pm
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Women’s Soccer Group F: Zimbabwe vs. Germany

5:30 pm
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Gymnastics Evening session
Men’s podium training: Subdivision 3
Ukraine, Mixed Group 1 (Croatia, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, Algeria, Ireland), Switzerland, China, Mixed Group 2 (Romania/2, Finland, Spain/2, Cypress, Portugal) and Russia

6:00 pm
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Women’s Soccer Group G: USA vs. New Zealand
Team USA begins its quest for its fourth successive Olympic gold against New Zealand in the group stage

9:00 pm
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Women’s Soccer Group G: France vs. Colombia


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