2016 Penn Relays Day 2 live streaming and results

Penn Relays Day 2 Schedule, Results, Live Stream Coverage

PHILADELPHIA, Sporting Alert – Day 2 action from the 2016 Penn Relays gets going on Friday as the college men and high school boys’ schedules kicks-off.

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There will also be a number of finals on the college women and high school girls’ side, including the 4x100m, 4x400m and 4x800m relay events.

The first final on the track on Friday will go off at 1:00 PM and it will be the college women’s 4×100 Championship of America Invitational race where favourites Oregon and Tennessee will start as the teams to beat in the race for the title.

Both teams impressed in heats on Thursday, but the Ducks are expected to be stronger in the final.

This will be followed by the high school girls’ 4×800 Championship of America event at 1:10 PM and the college women’s 4×1500 Championship of America Invitational at 1:20 PM.

There will be a lot of attention, at least from the Jamaican section of the stands at 2:25 PM when the high school girls’ 4×100 Championship of America race takes place.

Back-to-back defending champion Edwin Allen and former champion Holmwood Tech are the main contenders for the title after the Jamaican schools posted the two fastest times in the heats.

Excelsior High and St. Catherine High are also two of the five teams from Jamaica in the final.

Other finals on the track with interest are the college men’s Distance Medley Championship of America Invitational, the high school girls’ 4×400 Championship of America, the high school boys’ Distance Medley Championship of America, and the college women’s and men’s Sprint Medley Championship of America Invitationals.

Meanwhile, early action on the male side will see the high school boys and college men going in search of championship places.

A fully loaded Jamaican contingent are set to thrill the fans in the high school 4x100m section, with defending champion Calabar, Jamaica College and Kingston College – the winners of the last three titles – leading the way.

Calabar High will also be defending the 4x400m crown, while St Elizabeth Technical will try to defend the 4x800m.

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301College Men’s 400m Hurdles Championship9:00 AM
302High School Boys’ 4×800 Small Schools9:20 AM
303High School Boys’ 4×800 Small Schools9:30 AM
304High School Boys’ 4×800 Large Schools9:40 AM
305High School Boys’ 4×800 Large Schools9:50 AM
306PIAA 9th Grade Boys 4×10010:00 AM
307PIAA 9th Grade Girls 4×10010:02 AM
308PIAA Middle School Boys 4×10010:04 AM
309PIAA Middle School Girls 4×10010:06 AM
310Camden Diocese Boys 4×10010:08 AM
311Camden Diocese Girls 4×10010:10 AM
312South Jersey Middle School Boys 4×10010:12 AM
313South Jersey Middle School Girls 4×10010:14 AM
314Wilmington Diocese Boys 4×10010:16 AM
315Wilmington Diocese Girls 4×10010:18 AM
316Philadelphia Archdiocese Junior Boys 4×10010:20 AM
317Philadelphia Archdiocese Junior Girls 4×10010:22 AM
318Philadelphia Archdiocese Senior Boys 4×10010:24 AM
319Philadelphia Archdiocese Senior Girls 4×10010:26 AM
320Philadelphia 7th & 8th Grade Small Schools Boys 4×10010:28 AM
321Philadelphia 7th & 8th Grade Small Schools Girls 4×10010:30 AM
322Philadelphia 7th & 8th Grade Large Schools Boys 4×10010:32 AM
323Philadelphia 7th & 8th Grade Large Schools Girls 4×10010:34 AM
324Philadelphia Area Private & Charter Schools Boys 4×10010:36 AM
325Philadelphia Area Private & Charter Schools Girls 4×10010:38 AM
326High School Boys’ 4×100 Small Schools (Heats)10:40 AM
327High School Boys’ 4×100 Large Schools (Heats)11:40 AM
328High School Boys’ Prep School 4×100 Independent (Heats)12:30 PM
329Philadelphia Elementary 4th Grade Shuttle Relay12:30 PM
330Philadelphia Elementary 5th Grade Shuttle Relay1:00 PM
331Philadelphia Elementary 6th Grade Shuttle Relay1:30 PM
332Philadelphia Middle 6th Grade Shuttle Relay2:00 PM
333College Men’s 4×100 (Heats)12:35 PM
334College Women’s 4×100 Championship of America Invitational

1:00 PM
335College Women’s 4×100 College1:05 PM
336College Women’s 4×100 ECAC1:07 PM
337High School Girls’ 4×800 Championship of America

1:10 PM
338College Women’s 4×1500 Championship of America Invitational

1:20 PM
339College Men’s 4×200 (Heats)1:40 PM
340College Women’s 4×200 (Heats)2:00 PM
341High School Girls’ 4×100 Small Schools2:20 PM
342High School Girls’ 4×100 Large Schools2:22 PM
343High School Girls’ 4×100 Championship of America

2:25 PM
344Special Olympics 4×1002:30 PM
345Special Olympics 4×100 Unified2:32 PM
346College Men’s Distance Medley Championship of America Invitational

2:35 PM
347College Men’s Distance Medley2:45 PM
348College Men’s Shuttle Hurdles Championship of America Invitational

3:10 PM
349Olympic Development Men’s Shuttle Hurdles 4x120y3:20 PM
350College Women’s Shuttle Hurdles Championship of America Invitational

3:25 PM
351College Men’s 110m Hurdles (Heats)3:50 PM
352College Women’s 100m Hurdles (Heats)4:00 PM
353Special Olympics Division 1 100m dash3:05 PM
354Special Olympics Division 2 100m dash3:08 PM
355Masters Men’s 100m dash 40 and older3:10 PM
356Masters Men’s 100m dash 45 and older3:12 PM
357Masters Men’s 100m dash 50 and older3:14 PM
358Masters Men’s 100m dash 55 and older3:16 PM
359Masters Men’s 100m dash 60 and older3:18 PM
360Masters Men’s 100m dash 65 and older3:20 PM
361Masters Men’s 100m dash 70 and older3:22 PM
362Masters Women’s 100m dash 40/50 and older3:25 PM
363College Men’s 100m dash (Heats)3:30 PM
364College Women’s 100m dash (Heats)3:40 PM
365High School Girls’ 4×400 Championship of America

4:20 PM
366College Men’s 4×400 (Heats)4:25 PM
367College Men’s 4×400 CTC5:20 PM
368College Men’s 4×400 Pop Haddleton MAC5:25 PM
369Olympic Development Men’s 4×1005:30 PM
370Olympic Development Women’s 4×1005:40 PM
371Masters Men’s 4×100 40 and older5:45 PM
372Masters Men’s 4×100 50 and older5:47 PM
373Masters Men’s 4×100 60 and older5:49 PM
374Masters Mixed 4×100 70 and older5:52 PM
375High School Boys’ Distance Medley Championship of America

5:55 PM
376High School Boys’ Mile Run Championship6:10 PM
377High School Boys’ 3000m Championship

6:15 PM
378College Women’s Sprint Medley Championship of America Invitational

6:25 PM
379College Men’s Sprint Medley Championship of America Invitational

6:50 PM
380Olympic Development Men’s 4×4007:15 PM
381Olympic Development Women’s 4×4007:20 PM
382Masters Men’s 4×400 50 and older7:25 PM
383Masters Women 4×400 40 and older7:30 PM
384Corporate Distance Medley7:40 PM
701College Men’s Discus Throw College9:00 AMResults Available
702College Men’s High Jump College10:00 AMResults Available
703College Men’s Pole Vault College10:00 AM
704College Women’s Triple Jump Championship10:00 AMResults Available
705College Women’s Triple Jump College11:00 AM
706College Women’s Discus Throw Championship11:30 AM
707College Men’s Shot Put ChampionshipNoon
708High School Boys’ Discus Throw Championship12:45 PM
709College Men’s Shot Put College1:15 PM
710College Women’s High Jump Championship1:45 PM
711College Men’s Long Jump Championship2:00 PM
712High School Boys’ Javelin Throw Championship2:45 PM
713College Men’s Long Jump College3:30 PM
714High School Boys’ Shot Put Championship4:30 PM
715College Women’s Javelin Throw College4:45 PM

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