Champions League: Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid

Real Madrid Agrees To Sell Ronaldo – Guillem Balague

Cristiano Ronaldo is almost certain to leave Real Madrid for Juventus, according to Sky Sports Spanish correspondent Guillem Balague.

Balague revealed on his YouTube channel that a deal has been agreed between Real Madrid and Juventus to sign Ronaldo, with the Italian champions “willing to pay €100m.”

“The story comes out, leaked in my opinion from Ronaldo’s camp. Everything is agreed with Juventus, who are willing to pay €100m,” Balague said.

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“Next Real say you have to pay more and then it gets leaked from Madrid that maybe we are willing to let you go.

“And this is now a game of poker with Ronaldo saying ‘I’m going’ and Real saying, ‘OK, you can go!’

“But the chord is being so stretched that at some point it could break in a way that has never happened before.”

Balague has also admitted that Ronaldo has never been so close to leaving Real Madrid.

Ronaldo Interested In Manchester United Return: Sky Sports

He had written earlier on his official Twitter account: In his head, Cristiano is a Juventus player. Juve has found a financial way to pay for his wages and fee. Real Madrid willing to let him go.

“No offer has arrived yet to Real, but Jorge Mendes has confirmed to Real that it will. He has never been this close to leaving. Will he?

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