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DENVER (Sporting Alert, BOX SCORE) — Veteran quarterback Peyton Manning threw for 374 yards and three touchdowns in guiding the Denver Broncos (3-0) to a 37-21 victory over the Oakland Raiders (1-2) in NFL Monday Night Football.

All three of Manning’s touchdown passes came in the first half, as the Broncos, who scored the first 17 points of the game, took a 27-7 lead at half-time.

The 37-year-old, who revealed that he’s feeling good about his game again and went 32-for-37 in completed connections, threw touchdown passes to Eric Decker, Wes Welker and Julius Thomas on his way to 12 TD passes in the first three games this season.

The feat was an NFL-record, as it improves the previous number by one, which was held by Tom Brady, who did 11 in 2011.

Denver also scored in the end zone through Ronnie Hillman, who rushed for a touchdown early in the fourth quarter.

“You see flashes of good things,” Manning said. “When we’re executing and not making mistakes, we can go the distance.

“We can go 80 yards, take advantage of a short field.”

Before the game the Broncos stressed on starting quickly and hosts couldn’t have asked for a better start, after scoring in the opening minutes through a combination of Manning and Decker.

“That is a big thing that we stressed, is to start fast,” Decker said. “Any time you can start fast, put some points on the board, it puts a lot of pressure on the opponent.

“I thought we did a great job of playing all four quarters and really finishing the game.”

However, the first score was very important.

“We got that touchdown right away,” he said. “[We] moved the ball well, I thought throughout the game.”

Denarius Moore, Marcel Reece and Darren McFadden had touchdowns for the Oakland Raiders, which have now dropped its two games on the road this season.

Quarterback Terrelle Pryor threw for 281 yards and a touchdown in the defeat for the Raiders.

Denver Broncos v Oakland Raiders Scoring Summary

TD 10:28 Eric Decker 2 Yd Pass From Peyton Manning (Matt Prater Kick) 0 7
FG 00:47 Matt Prater 53 Yd 0 10
TD 07:27 Wes Welker 12 Yd Pass From Peyton Manning (Matt Prater Kick) 0 17
TD 05:57 Denarius Moore 73 Yd Pass From Terrelle Pryor (Sebastian Janikowski Kick) 7 17
TD 03:40 Julius Thomas 13 Yd Pass From Peyton Manning (Matt Prater Kick) 7 24
FG 00:19 Matt Prater 41 Yd 7 27
FG 08:41 Matt Prater 40 Yd 7 30
TD 00:17 Marcel Reece 16 Yd Pass From Darren McFadden (Sebastian Janikowski Kick) 14 30
TD 11:27 Ronnie Hillman 1 Yd Run (Matt Prater Kick) 14 37
TD 01:15 Darren McFadden 1 Yd Run (Sebastian Janikowski Kick) 21 37

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