Report: Bob Huggins threatens to sue WVU for reinstatement


Bob Huggins is threatening to sue for reinstatement as coach of West Virginia, claiming that he never resigned in the wake of his DUI arrest last month, MetroNews reported Saturday night.

In a letter to the university, an attorney for Huggins claims, “Coach Huggins never signed a resignation letter and never communicated a resignation to anyone at WVU,” MetroNews reported.

Further, the letter states that Huggins voluntarily entered rehab.

“Coach Huggins will be released from the program soon and we will provide you with a full release for Coach Huggins to return to his active duties as Head Basketball Coach at WVU,” the letter states.

West Virginia was firm and quick in its response.

“The University will not accept Mr. Huggins’ revocation of his resignation, nor will it reinstate him as head coach of the men’s basketball program,” per MetroNews.

The university then released Huggins’ resignation letter that came from his wife, June, per the report.

“If Mr. Huggins or his counsel attempts to publicly suggest that he somehow did not resign and retire from his position, please be advised that the University will swiftly and aggressively defend itself from these spurious allegations.”

Huggins resigned on June 17, one night after his arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence in Pittsburgh. Huggins registered a .210 blood-alcohol content following a breathalyzer test — more than two times the legal limit in Pennsylvania.

WVU named Josh Eilert interim head coach for the entire 2023-24 season a week later.

Huggins appeared in a Pittsburgh courtroom on Monday and waived his right to a preliminary hearing. A formal arraignment was scheduled for Aug. 17.

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