EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — The Philadelphia Eagles have sacked head coach Andy Reid after his 14 year long stint, but nothing will be announced until Monday, The Associated Press is reporting.

Reid, who is the NFL’s longest-tenured coach was reportedly let go after the Eagles were hammered 42-7 by the New York Giants in Week 17 of the NFL regular season.

But despite the numerous media circulation, Reid is yet to hear from the Eagles about his future, but the veteran coach is preparing for whatever happens.

Reports from ESPN have claim that he is scheduled to have his meeting with Philadelphia owner Jeffrey Lurie on Monday when he will officially know their decision.

Philadelphia will then make the official announcement.

“Either way, I understand,” Reid said after the Giants disappointing defeat.

“If I’m here again, I’ll love every minute of it. If I’m not, I’ll understand that too.”

The Eagles are believe to be saving all its comments until its meeting with the coach, but the club’s spokesman Derek Boyko has come out to say that it’s “absolutely, 100 percent” untrue, Reid has already been fired.


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