Reports: Lakers looking to replace Mike Brown

NEW YORK (Sporting Alert) — Mike Brown’s future with the Los Angeles Lakers continues to be the main talking point of the new NBA season and reports are now claiming that the former Cleveland Cavaliers coach maybe on his way out.

Lakers, 1-4, lose again, beaten 95-86 by Jazz

Despite the big name additions during the trading period, where Steve Nash and Dwight Howard were added, the Lakers have had a poor start to the season – currently at 1-4, following Wednesday night’s defeat to the Utah Jazz, and many believe the it is only a matter of time before Brown is sacked.

Reports are suggesting that former Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan, ex-New York Knicks driller Mike D’Antoni and former Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy are all being considered, should Brown’s current situation not improved.

“Jerry Sloan to L.A. by December 1,” the HOOPSWORLD quoted a league source as predicting. “Nash and Howard are the new Stockton and Malone.

“He wants a ring, not to mention the money. He didn’t seriously consider Orlando, Charlotte or Portland [openings] over the summer because he knew Los Angeles would open up.”

It is believed that the Lakers are still struggling to adjust – mainly to the offensive style of Brown’s coaching, while Kobe Bryant, reports claimed is set to have his minutes cut until he’s fully fit.

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