LONDON (Sporting Alert) — Manchester United are set to beat the rivals and sign Tottenham’s star Luka Modric, reports in the British media are claiming.

Anyway, neither clubs have commented on the reports, but there are suggestions that Modric wants to leave and would certainly look for the doors if Redknapp departs.

Manchester United have only recently confirmed that a deal has been struck to land Japanese star Shinji Kagawa from German Bundesliga champions Borussia Dortmund.


Loves to play sports, especially football and basketball. I wanted to be world-class but it never actually happened so I am sticking to something else. I enjoy writing and I hope you'll appreciate what I bring! Brilliant! Isn't it. Be bless.


  1. Asy'ari Ash Squared Hamid

    Great news if it happens. Crossing my fingers till 'official news' is out.

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