Sad Cristiano Ronaldo ready to leave Real Madrid?

MADRID (Sporting Alert) — Cristiano Ronaldo admits that he is not so happy anymore at Real Madrid, despite breaking records and being the key man at the Spanish champions.

The former Manchester United forward netted twice on Sunday for Real Madrid in La Liga action in a 3-0 win over Granada – netting his 150th goal for the club, but something is wrong.

“I am a little sad. When I don’t score goals I am not happy,” Ronaldo said, adding that he was displeased for “professional” reasons with “people inside the club.”

Ronaldo wasn’t even interested in celebrating his goals on Sunday.

He added: “I am sad and the club knows it, that’s why I didn’t celebrate the goals. The people in the club know why.”

Ronaldo, however, opted not to go into details about his unhappiness, but dismissed claims that part of the reason was because he was out-gunned by Barcelona’s Andres Iniesta, who on Friday beat him for this year’s players’ award.

“I’m not going to say anything else, people know why,” the forward said.

Commenting on the Iniesta reports, Ronaldo said, “It has nothing to do with it. Iniesta deserved it.”

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  1. They should let go Nani out of that place he is not even doing any there.sell him and get Atlatical Christain R

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