Scores and Results – NFL Wild-Card Playoff on Jan 4

(Sporting Alert) — The following are the results and scores from the NFL Wild-Card Playoff games that took place on the opening postseason weekend on Saturday.

Playoffs – Wild-Card Weekend – Leaders
Indianapolis 45, Kansas City 44 Luck 443 Davis 67 Hilton 224
New Orleans 26, Philadelphia 24 Brees 250 Ingram 97 Cooper 68

The highlight of the day game from the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, where the Indianapolis Colts (12-5) stunningly came back from a 28-point deficit to edged the Kansas City Chiefs (11-6), 45-44 on what was truly a wild evening of football.

Star quarterback Andrew Luck finished with 29 of 45 for 443 yards, the second-highest total in Colts’ history for a playoff game, while ending with four touchdowns as well for Indianapolis.

“I don’t know if it ever crossed my mind on how it would be remembered,” Luck said after the dramatic victory.

“When I took a knee, and you feel the buzz and the energy of the crowd and see your teammates’ faces, that makes it special.”

The other game in Philadelphia saw the New Orleans Saints beating the NFC East champion Philadelphia Eagles (10-7),  26-24 to finally end their playoff road jinx.

The victory for the Saints (12-5) saw then winning their first playoff game on the road for the first time in franchise history.

Drew Brees finished with 20 for 30 for 250 yards and once touchdown in the win for  New Orleans.

NFL Wild Card Playoffs Scores and Results

AFC Wild-Card Round:  Indianapolis Colts 45, Kansas City Chiefs 44

NFC Wild-Card Round: New Orleans Saints 26, Philadelphia Eagles 24

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