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Seattle Seahawks vs. Pittsburgh Steelers preview - how to watch?

Seattle Seahawks vs Pittsburgh Steelers live stream

We get a treat this weekend as the Seattle Seahawks take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1 of the NFL preseason. Each of these teams has a number of things that we need to pay attention to throughout the night. Watch live streaming here. Also, Watch live here

Starting off with the Seahawks. Read more: Week 1 NFL preseason schedule and how to watch live? – August 11-14

Seattle has a quarterback situation now that Russell Wilson is off on the Denver Broncos. We will see both Drew Lock and Geno Smith in this game as they battle for the starting spot in the offense.

Smith is set to make the start in the game, but Lock is certainly right behind him moving forward. If the Seahawks are able to see that they have a future star in this offense or at least a respectable starter, their season might not be so bad after all.

Now, if they both go out and severely struggle against this Pittsburgh defense, trouble is most definitely looming for them.

Then onto the Steelers, they have a quarterback situation of their own. Mitchell Trubisky was signed on to become their instant day one starter in the regular season. His training camp so far has been mixed, to say the least. The team isn’t really sure what exactly they have in him and he hasn’t given them a lot of confidence out of the gates.

He is likely to start in the preseason game and show the world that he still belongs in that starting spot by the time we hit the opening week. When he subs out, we are likely to see some time with Mason Rudolph as he keeps on fighting for the spot.

We’ve actually seen Rudolph start sporadically over the years for the injured Ben Roethlisberger, so his name shouldn’t be tossed out of the equation just yet. Then finally, we will be able to see the rookie draft pick Kenny Pickett.

Pickett, like Trubisky, hasn’t done great in camp so far. He’ll have his own opportunity to rise his stock as a player with a nice performance.

Quarterbacks are usually thought of as the most important position on the team, so locking down a good day one starter is ideal for every franchise. Seattle and Pittsburgh have a lot of work left to do at the position moving forward, so this could be a wonderful way to see what they have.

If you’re looking to pick a winner, Pittsburgh seems to be the more complete roster at the moment. The quarterbacks they have are very inexperienced though. Meanwhile, Geno Smith could help Seattle get going early due to him being a veteran.

Though the Seahawks as a roster are one of the weaker and younger groups currently. I’d lean more towards the Steelers winning this game, with both Pickett and Lock winding up being standout players from the night.

Though I think that this game means a lot more for Drew Lock than it does for Pickett. Lock doesn’t want to fall behind Geno any further in the competition than he already has in camp.

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