South Carolina Marcus Lattimore suffers bad leg injury – Video

(Sporting Alert) — South Carolina star player Marcus Lattimore was carted off the field in the second quarter and taken to a hospital in an ambulance after he injured his leg in his team’s 38-35 win over Tennessee on Saturday.

South Carolina Marcus Lattimore suffers bad leg injury – Video

The star running back suffered an injury to his right leg that could damage his changes of ever playing again, but South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier was hoping for the best.

Lattimore tore an ACL last year and and was hoping to have a productive season as he eyes a career in the NFL.

“It looked severe on the field,” Spurrier said on ESPN at halftime.

“Hopefully it’s not as severe as we thought.”

Before being forced to end his outing on Saturday, Lattimore rushed for 65 yards and a touchdown on 11 carries.

Members of both South Carolina and Tennessee, as well as several television presenters have been routing for the junior, with the hope that he can fight all the back from another setback, the same way he did when he tore an ACL last year and missed a portion of last season.

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