Super Bowl: Ravens vs 49ers: Live TV Schedule and More

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(Sporting Alert) — The build up to the Super Bowl XLVII seemed long and drawn out to some, especially some college student who just can’t wait to see the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens hammer each other for the crown.

“Everyday this week I turn on the television it’s same re-run Super Bowl buildups,” said one OSU student, adding, “I just want to see the game and can’t wait for Sunday.”

On Sunday brothers John and Jim Harbaugh will be battling with each other Super Bowl, but both coaches are playing down media hype leading up to the contest.

“Well, I think it’s a blessing and a curse,” said Jim Harbaugh, who is the younger of the two and the coach of the 49ers.

“A blessing because that is my brother’s team.

“And, also, personally I played for the Ravens. Great respect for their organization.

“The curse part would be the talk of two brothers playing in the Super Bowl and what that takes away from the players that are in the game.

“Every moment that you’re talking about myself or John, that’s less time that the players are going to be talked about.”

The Harbaugh brother, meanwhile, will have to prepare the share the attention with Future Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis, who will feature in his last contest before retiring after a long, hard and successful 17-year career with the Baltimore Ravens (13-6).

Ravens booked their spot in the final, following a 28-13 win over the Patriots the AFC Championship game, while the San Francisco 49ers (13-4-1) edged the Falcons 28-24 in a thriller.

Jim Harbaugh has acknowledged that both he and his brother had taken the time to reflect on the emotions after the game, but admits that all they care about at the moment is getting it done for their respective teams.

Jim said: No, not at all,” reference to whether the older  brother will look to protect his younger sibling on the day.

“I suspect he feels the same way. It’s about the teams. We are fiercely loyal, there’s no doubt. We all say that. Not just of one another and we always have been.

“That’s definitely not ever going to change, we will continue to be fiercely loyal and protective of one another, but also of our teams. Jim had mentioned earlier in the week, he talked about the band of brotherhood, the brothers that will take the field. St. Crispian’s Day speech, he’s got it memorized, it’s unbelievable.

“It’s brilliant. That’s true; the band of brothers will be the brothers on the sideline. It will be the Ravens sideline; it will be the 49ers sideline. That will be the band of brothers in this competition.”

Baltimore Ravens (13-6) vs. San Francisco 49ers (13-4-1)

Live TV Channel and Media
Sunday, 02/03/13, 6:30 PM – Mercedes-Benz Super Dome
TV Crew: Jim Nantz (play-by-play), Phil Simms (analyst), Solomon Wilcots (sideline), Steve Tasker (sideline)
National Radio Crew: Kevin Harlan (play-by-play), Boomer Esiason (analyst), Mark Malone (AFC sideline), James Lofton (NFC sideline)
Referee Crew: Jerome Boger

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