The 2022 Honolulu Marathon 2022 results; Mengstu, Ayalew win titles

Asefa Mengstu of Ethiopia after winning the 2022 Honolulu Marathon in 2:14:40

(Race Results Weekly) —— The Honolulu Marathon 2022 results on Sunday, December 11, with Asefa Mengstu and Bere Ayalew making it an Ethiopian sweep of the men’s and women’s titles. For their winning efforts, both runners earned $25,000 in what was the 50th edition of the race. The race is America’s fourth-largest marathon.

On the women’s side, Ayalew crossed the finish line at a time of 2:30:58 on a windy morning with her training partner Abebech Afework grabbing second place with a time of 2:34:39 and collecting $10,000 and third going to Eri Suzuki (2:47:42) of Japan. Defending champion Lanni Marchant of Canada placed sixth in 3:02:15.

Asefa Mengstu took home the men’s contest. Mengstu’s win at Kapiolani Park this weekend came with a time of 2:14:40, and it ended a streak of Kenyan men’s champions at the Honolulu Marathon that dated back to 2007. Read more: Two Ethiopian runners take home the gold at the 50th Honolulu Marathon

Barnabas Kiptum of Kenya followed home second in 2:17:45 and collected $10,000 with Japan’s Yuhi Yamashita rounding out the podium in third place with a time of 2:27:27 and earning $5,000.

—Information from Race Results Weekly and World-Track writer

Honolulu Marathon 2022 results

Honolulu Marathon (50th*) & Start To Park 10-K (5th)
Honolulu, HI, USA; Sunday, December 11
Distances: 42.195 km, USATF and World Athletics-certified out-and-back course with no net elevation change; and 10-K, flat point-to-point course (not certified)
Starters: Marathon, 14,645 (up from 6463 in 2021); 10-K, 5722 (up sharply from 2527 in 2021)
Finishers: Marathon, not yet available; race has open finish line; 10-K, 5736 (up from 2482 in 2021)
Race & Course Records: Men, 2:08:00 (2:07:59.02), Titus Ekiru (KEN), 2019; Women, 2:22:15, Brigid Kosgei (KEN), 2017
Prize Money: See complete details below
Weather: 72F/22C, calm conditions in Waikiki but windy on the eastern sections of the course
Race Founded: 1973
Race History: (through 2017)

 1. Bere AYALEW, 23, ETH                2:30:58  $25,000
 2. Abebech AFEWORK, 31, ETH            2:34:39   10,000
 3. Eri SUZUKI, 38, JPN                 2:47:41    5,000
 4. Jamie ROTH*, USA                    2:56:20
 5. Mai ITO, 38, JPN                    2:58:18
 6. Lanni Marchant, 38, CAN             3:02:15
*Daughter of Kim Jones (2:27:50 PB, 1991)

MEN – 
 1. Asefa MENGSTU, 34, ETH              2:14:40  $25,000
 2. Barnabas KIPTUM, 36, KEN            2:17:45   10,000
 3. Yuhi Yamashita, JPN                 2:27:27    5,000
 4. Cosmo BROSSY, USA                   2:35:10
    Shifera TAMRU, ETH                  DNF (leg pain)
    Reuben Kiprop KERIO, KEN            DNF/pace (1:06:38 at half)

10-K (not certified/net times):
 1. Heidi See (AUS), San Diego, CA        36:05
 2. Mari Luchezi, JPN                     36:45
 3. Helen Schlachtenhaufen, Cambridge, MA 38:22

MEN – 
 1. Eric Avila Bonita, CA                30:09
 2. Miguel Hidalgo, JPN                   30:14
 3. Mason Ferlic, Ann Arbor, MI           31:00
 4. Craig Engels, SLO, CA                 31:39

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