Top 10 Highest Paid NFL Quarterbacks

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(SportingAlert) — Most of the followers of the NFL were stunned by the contract that was offered to Bengals Andy Dalton. Many believe that Dalton doesn’t deserve the money that compensates his recent performances.

Dalton’s three years stint with the Bengals had produced a 30-18 record and 0-3 in the postseason. Though millions are bothered by the contract, there’s nothing they can do but to expect Dalton to play better.

With the contract of Dalton, worth $96 million in six years, will it translate getting himself into the top 10 highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL in terms of annual salary?

10. Eli Manning – $16.3 million

Eli Manning deserves to be in the list of the highest paid quarterbacks. Manning already had proven to be a winner by grabbing two Super Bowls. Though, Manning’s consistency is in question, two Super Bowls are worth the money the Giants are paying him.

9. Matt Stafford – $17.7

Matt Stafford has shown that he has the arms to throw to his receivers. Stafford just needs a validation for his value and he must be winning in the playoffs.

8. Tony Romo -$18

Many are saying that Romo was overrated because he hasn’t played with passion especially when the game is on the line. Probably, Romo has to extricate himself from the mindset of being mediocre. Was Romo overpaid?

7. Jay Cutler – $18.1

Jay Cutler is one of the quarterbacks who received negative feedbacks. He hasn’t led his team yet into being contenders in the playoffs. Cutler also played with the Broncos before the Chicago Bears acquired him.

6. Collin Kaepernick – $19 million

Collin Kaepernick’s ability to bring his team into the Super Bowl provided him big payday. Kaepernick was instrumental in the 49ers offense that brought success in the past two years.

5. Peyton Manning – $19.2 million

Arguably, Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback of this generation. Manning deserves the money he gets wherever he goes. The Broncos just got what they wanted from Manning as he led them to be in the Super Bowl.

4. Drew Brees – $20 million

No doubt Drew Brees is one of the best passers in the NFL. After Brees led the Saints in winning Super Bowl 2010, he signed a huge contract as a reward.

3. Joe Flacco – $20.1 million

Joe Flacco navigated the Baltimore Ravens to win the Super Bowl 2013. After winning the Super Bowl, he was offered one of the biggest contracts in the NFL.

2. Matt Ryan – $20.8 million

Matt Ryan is the franchise quarterback of the Falcons. His passing ability and consistency earned him a ludicrous contract. His value would be validated by probably winning a Super Bowl.

1. Aaron Rodgers – $22 million

Who could have thought that Aaron Rodgers is the highest paid quarterback in terms yearly average. Rodgers brought the Green Bay Packers in capturing the 2011 Super Bowl.

If you are looking for Tom Brady, he is at No. 16 making $11.4 million per year. Dalton landed only at No. 11 in the list.

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