Torres Teammates Doesn’t Want To Pass To Him, Wants Drogba Back

LONDON (Sporting Alert) — Fernando Torres’ poor season in front of goal sees his teammates starting to ignore his runs, reports claimed.

According to the Telegraph, Torres’ own teammates, including fellow Spain countryman Juan Mata often ignored him during the victory over Nordsjælland, despite scoring twice.

“He may have scored twice but there’s a clear sense that the struggling striker has lost the faith of some of those around him,” the report claimed.

This could very well be true, as Mata was recently quoted as saying Torres simply is no Didier Drogba.

“All the great players like getting the ball, Didier even more so,” the Sun quotes Mata as saying.

“With Fernando it’s different. His runs aren’t the same.

“He’s not a funnel for our play like Drogba could be.

“He doesn’t like the holding-it-up role. He prefers finding space and facing the goal.”

Torres has missed several easy opportunities to score goals this season and his teammates are apparently losing trust in the former Liverpool goalscoring machine.

Mata has been also recently quoted as saying they missed the deadly presence of former forward Drogba, who left the club in the summer after his contract expired.

“Drogba’s departure was like an electric shock for us. He was a warrior,” the midfield playmaker said.

“We’ve had to learn to cope without him because for many long years he was Chelsea’s lightning conductor.

“With Drogba we were conditioned to play in a certain way.

“You gave him the ball and you knew that he would at least force the opponent into a foul.

“In a way we had a tendency to rely on him too much but it was a natural mechanism.”

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