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CHICAGO (Sporting Alert) — NBA standings, scores and records after the latest games that took place in the league on Sunday, Mar. 3.

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Among the teams recording victories on Sunday were the Chicago Bulls (33-26), Indiana Pacers (46-13), San Antonio Spurs (43-16) and the Oklahoma City Thunder (45-15)

At the United Center, Joakim Noah had a fine triple-double of his 13 points, 14 assists and 12 rebounds, the fifth of his career, to lead the Chicago Bulls to a 109-90 victory over the struggling New York Knicks (21-39).

The Pacers, which lead the NBA standings overall ahead of Oklahoma City, defeated the Utah Jazz (21-38), 94-91, with David West scoring 25 points and Paul George added 22 in the win for Indiana.

Elsewhere, the Thunder picked up a 116-99 win over the Charlotte Bobcats (27-32), the San Antonio Spurs (43-16) had a 112-106 victory over Texas rivals Dallas Mavericks (36-25).

NBA Standings Update Click Here

NBA Scores and Records on Mar. 3

Indiana Pacers 94 (46-13), Utah Jazz 91 (21-38)
Oklahoma City Thunder 116 (45-15), Charlotte Bobcats 99 (27-32)
San Antonio Spurs 112 (43-16), Dallas Mavericks 106 (36-25)
Phoenix Suns 129 (35-25), Atlanta Hawks 120 (26-32)
Chicago Bulls 109 (33-26), New York Knicks 90 (21-39)
Toronto Raptors 104 (33-26), Golden State Warriors 98 (36-24)
Orlando Magic 92 (19-43), Philadelphia 76ers 81 (15-45)


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