Results, Recaps And Scores In The National Football League On Sunday

MIAMI, FL, Nov. 24 (Sporting Alert) — The New England Patriots erased a huge deficit to stun Denver Broncos, while Kansas City Chiefs suffered another defeat in Week 12 in the NFL on Sunday afternoon.

The Patriots (8-3) erased a 24 point lead held by the Broncos (9-2) to send the game into overtime and then claim the win 34-31. The defeat saw Denver’s three game winning streak ended, while New England bounced back from last week’s 24-20 defeat to the Carolina Panthers.

Among the teams also suffering defeats on Sunday were the Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions. The Houston Texans suffered yet another defeat in their unhealthy run in the league this season.

The Chiefs (9-2) were on the wrong end of an intense battle with the San Diego Chargers (5-6) who came out 41-38 winners, handing Kansas City their second successive defeat in as many weeks.

The Carolina Panthers (8-3) pushed to their seven victory in a row, following at 20-16 win over the Miami Dolphins (5-6), while the Dallas Cowboys  (6-5) held on for a 24-21 victory over the New York Giants (4-7).

Elsewhere, the Houston Texans (2-6) fell to their ninth defeat in a row this term after going down 13-6 to fellow league strugglers Jacksonville Jaguars (2-9).

NFL Results and Scores beat.Week 12 Nov. 24

New England Patriots 34 (8-3) – Denver Broncos 31 (9-2) OT
Carolina Panthers 20 (8-3) beat.Miami Dolphins 16 (5-6)
Arizona Cardinals 40 (7-4) beat.Indianapolis Colts 11 (7-4)
Dallas Cowboys 24 (6-5) beat.New York Giants 21 (4-7)
San Diego Chargers 41 (5-6) beat.Kansas City Chiefs 38 (9-2)
Baltimore Ravens 19 (5-6) beat.New York Jets 3 (5-6)
St. Louis Rams 42 (5-6) beat.Chicago Bears 21 (6-5)
Pittsburgh Steelers 27 (5-6) beat.Cleveland Browns 11 (4-7)
Green Bay Packers 26 (5-5-1) beat.Minnesota Vikings 26 (2-8-1)
Tennessee Titans 23 (5-6) beat.Oakland Raiders 19 (4-7)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24 (3-8) beat.Detroit Lions 21 (6-5)
Jacksonville Jaguars 13 (2-9) beat.Houston Texans 6 (2-6)

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