Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is trouble for promoting dope merchandise

(Sporting Alert) — World record holder and track and field icon, Usain Bolt was heavily criticized, following media images showing him posing with clothes produced by The Pothead Diaries, a US firm which promotes drugs.

See the pictures on The Sun website

According to the company’s website, their product is to help “express your inner pothead and celebrate our love for the culture and our involvement in it.”

It added: “Join us in getting involved with the evolution of cannabis apparel.”

Helping to promote such merchandise did not sit well with several individuals from anti-drug groups, who blasted Bolt, a six-time Olympic gold medallist for forgetting his role as a sports icon and role model.

“I would hope that such a charismatic young man who is very much a role model for young people would have more common sense than to give free publicity to a company which so blatantly promotes cannabis use,” Lucy Rowe, of Skunk Sense, told UK newspaper The Sun.

Meanwhile, Addiction specialist Mark Dempster stated: “He’s using his position to promote something that can cause not just addiction, but also create mental health problems for young people.”

Bolt holds the world record over both the 100m and 200m at 9.58 seconds and 19.19 seconds and is one of the world’s most recognized athletes.

18 Replies to “Usain Bolt is trouble for promoting dope merchandise”

  1. What an ignorant, uninformed statement, as if going along w/ a salient cultural feature of his own country somehow "proves" his own personal behavior. Bolt is routinely tested by not just the Jamaican Federation but the IAAF. So butt out of area's you're so ignorant about.

  2. Bolt is not stupid though. I'm sure Bolt has no problem with people smoking if that's what they wanna do, but he's obviously not smoking marijuana and this is a non issue.

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