Video: Cameraman struck by tyre; Bianchi car creates scare

NUERBURGRING, Germany (Sporting Alert) — A television cameraman was hit by the car tyre of Mark Webber during the early stages of the German Grand Prix F1 race on Sunday.

Watch Video Cameraman Hit at German Grand Prix

Webber’s pit stop for a tyre change didn’t exactly go according to plan after the scheduled stop slowed down his progress after losing the right-rear tyre, which came loose and silently rolled aggressively down the pit-lane and struck an unaware cameraman, knocking him into the air and on the ground.

And even after the contact the tyre kept bouncing down the lane.

The visible incident called for immediate assistance from the prompt medical staff, as pit-lane doctors rushed straight on to the scene to help.

The cameraman is at the moment up and looks conscious, according to those reporting from that area, which is good news for all the parties involved.

An investigation is scheduled to take place after the race.

Meanwhile, the safety car came out on lap 25, following an incident with the car of Jules Bianchi of Marussia, which suffered what appeared to be an engine failure, resulting in his car bursting into flames.

The drama continued even after that after the car began to pilot its self at track side, even after the driver had exited given that the incident happened slightly on a slope.

Earlier, pole position leader Lewis Hamilton surrendered his advantage immediately at the start of the race after he was passed by both Red Bulls drivers, Webber and Sebastian Vettel.

Video Jules Bianchi Car In Flames

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