MUNICH (Sporting Alert) — Mario Gomez scored a late winner for Bayern Munich to beat Real Madrid 2-1 in their first leg Champions League semi-finals clash in Munich on Tuesday.

Video Highlights: Bayern Munich 2 v Real Madrid 1

Franck Ribery opened the scoring for Bayern with a striker, following a corner kick in the 17th minute of play to give hosts a half-time lead.

However, Real Madrid found the equaliser when Mesut Ozil finished off some unselfish decisions by Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo in the 53rd.

Gomez then finished well under pressure from close range off a Philipp Lahm cross to give the German side a slight lead heading into the second leg in Madrid.

A total of nine yellow cards were handed out in the game with Real Madrid picking up six to Bayern’s three.

Madrid coach Jose Mourinho believes his team will respond at home in the second leg, but thought a draw a Tuesday would have been a fair result.

“I believe a draw would have been fairer, but that’s football for you: whoever scores wins,” Mourinho said. “It doesn’t matter if you do so in the first or last minute.

“This result isn’t awful because it doesn’t force us to make an historic comeback at home.

“We’ll have to earn a normal result and I think we’re ready to respond. We’ll start preparing for it after Saturday’s match.”


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