Video Highlights: Chelsea 1-2 Basel – Champions League

LONDON (Sporting Alert) — Highlights from Chelsea’s stunning Group E Champions League opening game defeat to Basel FC at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday night.

Video Highlights: Chelsea 1-2 Basel

Jose Mourinho took responsibility for his team’s defeat, but said they will now have to find a road victory at some point during the group stage.

“We lost three points that we must get somewhere else – at Basel, Schalke or Bucahrest, or all of them or some of them,” said Mourinho on

“The objective of finishing top two in the group stage and to go to the next phase is an objective that is not lost, far from it, and it is an objective that we are going to fight for.

“It is an objective that I believe very much that we are going to achieve.”

The Portuguese coach also revealed that his team his still young and games such as these will only help in the development.

“The team is not one with maturity and personality to face the difficult moments in the game. Everton scored in the last minute of the first half and after that we were struggling a little bit despite dominating the game,” he said.

“Today when the first negative moment which was the equaliser arrived, the team shakes a little. But the only thing you can do is work.”

Mpurinho added: “We go home sad, the supports go home sad, but tomorrow morning we wake up and go training and we have two days to prepare the next match.

“This is the only way I know in football, to work hard, believe in what you do and each other, be critical inside our group to resolve things but stick together and try against Fulham to get the result that wakes up the team for a smile, and in the next Champions League match we have to try to recover the three points.”

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