Watch Arsenal’s Wenger Attacks Journalist At Press Conference

(Sporting Alert) — Angry Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger attacks journalist during his press conference ahead of the Champions League clash with Bayern Munich on Tuesday.

Watch Arsenal’s Wenger Attacks Journalist During Press Conference

It all started with Wenger rejecting media reports about him being offered a new deal and then hammered a reporter for asking about the FA Cup defeat to Blackburn Rovers last weekend.

“That is the wrong information and I work for 16 years in England and I think I deserve a bit more credit than wrong information that has only one intention: to harm,” the Arsenal boss said.

“If it is good information which comes from nowhere it is all right, but this is wrong information that comes from nowhere and it is completely wrong.”

Wenger then went on to attack with a journalist, who was apparently looking at to get more information: “I look at you not because you give information, I do not know if it is you, I do not know where the information comes from.

“Why do you look at me? I just thought you had given this information out.”

Another reporter brought up the 1-0 defeat to Blackburn and the Arsenal manager became heated again.

He said: “Here this is a pre-match conference for the Champions League, if you want to talk about Saturday, that press conference has been made after the game.

“Can we get some questions about tomorrow’s game, that would be very nice.”

As crazy as it may sound, Wenger then answered heated to questions about Bayern Munich.

He said: “Don’t talk about Bayern Munich today.”

How funny is that?


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