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(Sporting Alert) — Starting lineups for the Mexico and South South team for tonight’s friendly international game.

Live Streaming coverage is, while live football scores are here.

Also following live GameCast coverage of the game is on ESPN Soccer.

Mexico Team: Alfredo Talavera, Francisco Rodríguez, Rafael Márquez, Diego Reyes, Miguel Ponce, Rodolfo Gilbert Pizarro ThomasM8 Jose Vazquez, Isaac Brizuela, Carlos Peña Rodríguez, Alan Pulido, Oribe Peralta.
Subs: Jose de Jesus CoronaD, Enrique Pérez, Juan Valenzuela, Jorge Torres, Paul Aguilar, Miguel Layún, Luis Montes, Jesús Zavala, Juan Medina, Aldo De Nigris

South South Team: Kim Seung-Gyu, Jin-po Park, Kang Min-Soo, Kim Kee-Hee, Jin-Su Kim, Yeom Ki-Hun, Myung-Joo Lee, Kim Tae-Hwan, Jong-Woo Park, Shin-Wook Kim, Lee Keun-Ho
Subs: Jung Sung-Ryong, Dae-ho Kim, Bum Lee, Ji-Nam Lee, Ju-Young Kim, Yong Lee, Ho Lee, Jin-hyung Song, Min-Woo Kim, Yo-Han Ko, Lee Seung-Ki

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