Watch video of Luis Suarez Falling over in the Box against Stoke

Liverpool forward Luis Suarez was heavily criticized on Sunday for diving to win a penalty during the Barclays Premier League clash against Stoke City at Anfield.

Watch video of Luis Suarez Falling over in the Box

The shocking video replay shows why Stoke boss Tony Pulis was furious with the Suarez and he believes he needs to be punished for trying once to cheat the system.

Pulis blast the Uruguay international and call his action an embarrassment during the 0-0 draw.

“I thought Suarez again today…I’ve been on about people falling over and the one incident in the second half…it’s an embarrassment being a professional footballer (and doing that),” he told BBC Sport:

“He’s a fantastic player, he’s got great ability and he is the one player we were frightened to death of today, but doing things like that…

“Retrospective decisions are made on a Monday by the FA and they should be looking at this. Give him three games and he will stop falling over.

“What happens is that he puts pressure on the referee and every time he goes down you’ve got 40,000 Liverpool fans getting after the ref and I don’t think that’s right.

“I don’t know how many times he has fallen over but the one in the penalty box is just an embarrassment and how he has not been booked I just don’t know.

“I am concerned about the simulation and putting pressure on the ref. It’s a tough enough job as it is. For professional footballers to be doing that is just not right and the PFA should start talking about it.”


  1. I have already read so much about this “dive” that I thought it must have been a really bad one (like Welbeck’s, Young’s or Valencia’s last couple of penalty decisions), but having had a look at it in this video, it looks as though the stoke player contacts his right foot as he tries to turn and puts him off balance. He then goes down to make sure the ref saw it and make him make a decision because no one ever wins a penalty unless they sprawl themselves on the ground. Fair enough if you don’t think there was enough contact to warrant a penalty (although I honestly believe that Suarez thought there was enough contact to put him off balance as otherwise he wouldn’t have gone down) but to label him a disgrace is incredibly harsh especially with the multitude of players in the league who go to ground with no or completely manufactured contact and win penalties!

  2. This has to be the most inept attempt to win a penalty in the history of football. Never mind banned being banned, this horrible little cheat should be deported.

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