NBA results on Dec. 27; What did Luka Doncic do?

Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks makes NBA history versus New York Knicks

MIAMI, FL (Sporting Alert) —— Standout guard Luka Doncic almost single-handedly carried the Dallas Mavericks to a fantastic 126-121 overtime victory over the New York Knicks on Tuesday night – finishing with a 60-point, 21-rebound, and 10-assist performance. The following are the latest NBA results from the games that were played last night, Tuesday, December 27.

What did Luka Doncic do? – Did he create NBA history?

Doncic is known for doing extraordinary things, but the 23-year-old delivered something extra special last night –setting a new Dallas franchise record for points and collecting a career-best for rebounds in what some of my colleagues could describe as a wild overtime encounter at American Airlines Center. To make things even more special, Doncic set a milestone that has never been done in NBA history, tallying the first-ever 60-point, 20-rebound, and 10-assist triple-double performance in the league.

The Doncic and Mavericks show dominated the headlines in the latest NBA results on Tuesday, but there were some other featured games on the schedule as well. Read more: Latest NBA results on December 26 and the schedule for tonight

Other NBA Results and Scores…

Jayson Tatum continued his impressive form this season after tallying 38 points and eight rebounds in leading the Boston Celtics (25-10) to a 126-102 win over the Houston Rockets to win their third straight game. Meanwhile, the Denver Nuggets (22-11) beat the Sacramento Kings 113-106 for their fifth consecutive win. Nikola Jokic flirted with a triple-double to end with 20 points, 11 assists, and nine rebounds for Denver.

Elsewhere, in the NBA results last night, the Washington Wizards beat the Philadelphia 76ers 116-111 to end the Sixers’ eight-game win streak. The Wizards were able to withstand a 48-point performance by Joel Embiid and a 26-point and 13-assist double-double performance by James Harden for Philadelphia.

The Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers secured respective 124-113 and 124-110 victories against the Toronto Raptors and the Orlando Magic, the Phoenix Suns earned a quality 125-108 win versus Memphis Grizzlies, while the Golden State Warriors continued its winning form with a 110-105 win against the Charlotte Hornets.

Latest NBA Results and Scores Last Night

Tuesday’s Games
Los Angeles Lakers 129, beat. Orlando Magic 110
Washington Wizards 116, beat. Philadelphia 76ers 111
Boston Celtics 126, beat. Houston Rockets 102
Los Angeles Clippers 124, beat. Toronto Raptors 113
Indiana Pacers 129, beat. Atlanta Hawks 114
Oklahoma City Thunder 130, beat. San Antonio Spurs 114
Phoenix Suns 125, beat. Memphis Grizzlies 108
Dallas Mavericks 126, beat. New York Knicks 121, OT
Denver Nuggets 113, beat. Sacramento Kings 106
Golden State Warriors 110, beat. Charlotte Hornets 105

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