How to watch Mexico vs Panama for free?

Mexico vs Panama Nations League

Here are the starting lineups and substitutes for today’s 2022-23 CONCACAF Nations League, Third Place football game between Panama and Mexico at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The Referee for this evening’s third-place battle is Daneion Parchment of Jamaica. You can watch live streaming coverage of this game in Spanish on for free. Live text commentary and GameCast is on ESPN. Click Here.

Panama will start the game 3-4-2-1 formation and will defend as a five without the ball. However, the team will attack with six players and will take advantage of the wide areas to try and pull the Mexicans out of position.

Panama (3-4-2-1):
Starting lineup:

  1. Luis Mejía
  2. César Blackman
  3. Harold Cummings
  4. Fidel Escobar
  5. Roderick Miller
  6. Christian Martínez
  7. Jovani Welch
  8. Adalberto Carrasquilla
  9. Azarias Londoño
  10. Édgar Bárcenas
  11. Ismael Díaz

12. Cesar Samudio

  1. Freddy Góndola
  2. Eduardo Anderson
  3. Cecilio Waterman
  4. Andrés Andrade
  5. José Fajardo
  6. Christian Martínez
  7. Alberto Quintero
  8. Aníbal Godoy
  9. César Yanis
  10. Orlando Mosquera
  11. Michael Murillo

Mexico (3-4-2-1):
Starting lineup:

  1. Mejía
  2. Blackman
  3. Cummings
  4. Escobar
  5. Miller
  6. Godoy
  7. Carrasquilla
  8. Andrade
  9. Fajardo
  10. Quintero
  11. Díaz

12. Santiago Mele

  1. Carlos Salcedo
  2. Luis Romo
  3. Jesús Gallardo
  4. Gerardo Arteaga
  5. Roberto Alvarado
  6. Uriel Antuna
  7. Henry Martín
  8. Rogelio Funes Mori
  9. Héctor Herrera
  10. Luis Montes
  11. Alfredo Talavera

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